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The Alternate Root's On The Radar features "The Social Music Hour Vol. 1"

Apr 2 | Posted by: Danny McCloskey

Spuyten Duyvil   (from the album The Social Music Hour, Volume 1) - Bets are laid down on “Stewball” as Spuyten Duyvil whisper the story of gambling on the edge on one funky-ass groove. Their most recent release is The Social Music Hour, Volume 1, and the band musically sets up torch-lit tents on the edge of town as they swear off on seduction in “Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet”, crank a rusty wheel for the tale of “Barbara Allen”, shake out sad story on a jugband beat with “Reno Factory”, and shout for salvation in a song with “Hot Time in the Old Town / Preaching on the Old Campground”.  The Social Music Hour Vol 1is album number three for Spuyten Duyvil. The songs are love letters to the Anthology of American Folk Music. The songs are familiar to be remembered with love as the lyrics reflect the times of today in their tales of the past. Spuyten Duyvil cook with Folk Blues as they hand over advice you can try at home with “Keep Your Skillet Good and Greasy” and suggest that the family that fishes together, stays together in “Fishing Blues”.

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